“Leanne lights up the training space”.

H W, Quality and Training Manager, Hove.

“The most inspiring and valuable training I’ve ever done”. 

K C, Practice Manager,  Maidstone, Kent 

“Makes learning so easy and inspires people”.

SB, HR Director, London

“Expert in turning high-level concepts into workable, practical training design”.

JS, Facilitator & Coach, Huddersfield, Yorkshire

“Unfailing good humour and lively personality”.

KM, Managing Director, Kent

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As an experienced learning and development specialist and coach, I know that what people value is being supported to use time and space to think, reflect and explore possibilities. This is what leads to transformational change.
I would love to join you on your next.

Executive coaching

Time and Space to explore your thinking and what you want to achieve.
Through conversation we co-create a space where you can gain insight and focus to achieve your goals.

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Facilitation Skills

Time and Space to get the best out of other people’s thinking.
People feel valued and you get the best out of the talent and experience in the room. Everyone contributes and the session delivers.

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Action learning

Time and Space to learn with others on real business issues.
Being part of an action learning set transforms what people do and the way they do it, positively impacting the business.

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Leanne Davies

Leanne Davies

Trainer and Facilitator

Life is for learning. Learning is for life.

Learning and development never stops. It starts from when we first enter the world and continues until we take our last breath.

Some learning is focused and formal, some happens intuitively. But, for anyone to learn anything, they have to be engaged. Ready to listen. Eager to discover.

How do you encourage that?

There’s an art, a craft and a skill in making workplace learning both effective for the organisation and fun for the trainees.

To make learning come alive, you need Leanne Davies at Live Learn.

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