Challenging Situations

“The law of ‘win-win’ says let’s not do it your way or my way. Let’s do it the best way” – G. Anderson

Dealing with challenging situations

Leanne approaches this tricky subject with characteristic empathy yet practicality, drawing on her extensive experience and research to bring helpful examples.

Participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own natural style, and identify how best to adapt it for challenging situations or when faced with conflict.

Typical subjects covered in this course will include:

  • Understanding the causes of conflict
  • Identifying preferred behaviour to deal with conflict
  • Practising effective communication to facilitate resolution
  • Developing a personal plan for dealing with difficult situations
  • Creating a tool-kit of tactics for managing conflict & channelling it positively

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This Course is Particularly suitable for – Any person who faces challenges when dealing with peers on his or her team.

Feedback from this course

I am prepared for a potential conflict situation that I need to deal with this week. I am so glad I took part today – the activities and discussions were very relevant to my role.
Kent Trainers

Conflict Resolution

I feel the knowledge I gained yesterday is relevant to my work life both internally with colleagues and externally with clients but also in my personal life too. It honestly was the most inspiring and valuable training I’ve ever done.
Kent Trainers

Conflict Resolution