Assert Yourself

“You teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop and what you reinforce” – T. Gaskins

Be assertive – reach your communication goals and improve your self-esteem

Participants on this course will look in detail at communication styles and learn how to make their own communications more effective. Participants come away with increased self- esteem and an ability to express themselves more confidently.

Courses will cover:

  • Identifying your own preferred communication style and its impact on others
  • Exploring the different communication styles: Assertive, Passive, Aggressive, Passive-aggressive
  • Enhancing communication with others using effective listening skills
  • Giving and receiving feedback (compliments and criticisms) in a constructive manner
  • Negotiating with others instead of arguing or avoiding them
  • Dealing confidently with other people’s expectations and demands without feeling anxious or guilty
  • Practising appropriate assertive techniques for various situations

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This Course is Particularly suitable for – Those whose voice isn’t heard enough, or those who are lacking confidence or who have to deal with more over-powering personalities.

Feedback from this course

I am feeling much more confident  – I am new in my management role and this will help me work with my team.

Be Assertive

Leanne was very encouraging. I am much more self-aware, will handle interruptions better and be a better PA!
Kent Trainers

Confident and Effective PA