Train The Trainer

“Excellence is an art won by training & habituation.” –  Aristotle

Credible training skills

There are some situations where training needs to be conducted by individuals who are in-house, but training may not be their primary job function.  In these cases, we can offer a ‘train the trainer’ course, to give staff the necessary skills to deliver the training with credibility.

Typically we would cover:

  • Defining objectives that meet the business and learners’ needs
  • Designing a training plan that engages different learning preferences
  • Practicing different training methods
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Assessing that learning has taken place
  • Managing awkward situations and challenging learners

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This Course is Particularly suitable for – Those who are not used to training regularly but would like to add it to their skill set; or those who are returning to training after a break, and would like to update their knowledge.

Feedback from this course

Leanne was a very inspiring and motivational trainer. I found I walked away with not only a plan but full of practical ideas and techniques. Would certainly recommend!
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